Sleep Train Arena

Address: 1 Sports Pkwy
Phone: (916) 928-6900
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Category: Basketball Stadium
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  • ESPN

    Although more than a decade has gone by, no one forgets the buzz in the arena when assist-making highlight reel Jason Williams, Chris Webber and yes, Vlade Divac, ruled the late 90s.
  • HuffPost

    Check out the Skyline Restaurant, open to all ticket holders, for a pregame buffet. It's also the location of the post game show.
  • Sports Authority

    ARCO Arena set a Guinness World Record for loudest sports roar by reaching over 130 decibels on November 8, 2006 .
  • Laura Good

    While yr here waive your towel, stomp your feet, and SCREAM!
  • Joe

    There are 2 beer stations on the main concourse that serve 22oz pours of Sierra Nevada for $10. It is the best beer deal @ Arco.
  • Charles Allison

    To clarify the price of parking ... It's $10 for kings games, $12 for everything else ... Not $15 :-)
  • Tamara Dorris

    We get to go VIP style to see the Celtics game. I'm so behind in sports...when the heck did they change the name?!
  • Tyler Waaler

    Do NOT park anywhere but Arco Arena if attending an event. You WILL be towed. We just found out first hand and $320 later. Just pay the $15 to park. :(
  • Norm Daley

    Jump with the Goon Squad before the opening tipoff.
  • Curtis Passalaqua

    if you get free tickets it's a really good deal.
  • Allie Prather

    9/28/10: Muse. Amazing show.
  • Jennifer Mccolloch

    Parking is over priced.
  • Corey Helwig

    Every time I go to ARCO, I park elsewhere and never get towed. all about choices, I guess...
  • Jon

    Tri tip and turkey carvers are the sandwiches in the house!
  • @nckmllr

    Only go when the kings play a shitty team
  • Nancy Daley

    Hang with the cool kids! BE HERE SACRAMENTO!
  • sam duarte

    Go Kings!!
  • Brian McDonald

    Dont go when the Kings are playing, its like watching the worst team in the NBA.. wait.. they are the worst team
  • Navdeep Shergill

    Watching in the intel suite is the way to go!!!
  • Steven Edward Seaton

    Try deez nuts. They're delicious. Just ask Barrett.
  • Omar Burnett

    Kings Baby!!!!
  • Vicky T

    Backpacks are not allowed inside the arena. Diaper bags, purses and camera bags are OK.
  • Laura Good

    Be sure to stomp your feet and generate some Arco Thunder!
  • Laura Good

    Mix it up--wrap your popcorn in cotton candy. Kid approved!
  • Lewis Apartments

    Watch the Kings live!

  • Brett Forde

    Jimmer time!!
  • Janeda Roman~Rekow

    King size pepsi, churro and nachos are the way to go
  • Pedro Taylor

    I just go when the kings play the warriors
  • David Pham

    tyreke > kobe
  • Dan Birch

    The kings always lose to the warriors:)
  • joe white

    Monster jam is cramped at this small venue
  • Joe

    119.7 decibels sets new Guiness Book World Record for indoor crowd roar on November 15, 2013. #NBA #sackings #hereweroar!
  • Laura Good

    Don't use the upstairs snack bar. Takes way too long (only 2 cashiers) and very limited selection. You're better off braving the concourse no matter where your seats are.

    Rock a Kings shirt!
  • Greg Philippi

    Bring binoculars if seated in upper decks or be prepared to watch dots move about below!
  • paula gardner

    Great Game tonight! We had the game!
  • Ashley Crymes

    Parking is $12.00 now! Whoa!
  • Shawn Dorris

    Mandisa is singing today with het beautiful voice
  • Fhortz

    If you can find a free parking somewhere close to PBP, you'll save $10-$12

    Power Balance Pavilion is used by the NBA Sacramento Kings. It is the smallest arena in the NBA, but still ranks as one of the loudest venues in the league. Make some noise!
  • Tom McGhan

    Watch the Kings lose to terrible NBA teams; get depressed.
  • Joseph Murphy

    Alexander has a mangina.
  • Max Smith

    Events that aren't the King's are a lot more entertaining.
  • Ryan Montoya

    The Kings beat the Warriors last night.
  • jeff chen

    Come for King's game.
  • Curtis Ayers

    Kings should win tonight!
  • Delaney Gates

    The nose-bleed section should be called the eye-bleed section!
  • Hiten Vasa

    Fantastic Experience as the seating is designed flatter as opposite to steep well . . . .
  • Reggie Rucker

    Veggie Burger is decent. Patty is better than the fixins, but if you're starving and want something guilt free, drop the $8.
  • The Harlem Globetrotters

    Sacramento, come catch us on our "Fans Rule" World Tour! Fun for the whole family. Get your tickets here: See you soon!
  • Nick Engvall

    Here we stayed!
  • Addie

    Any event, even if you think it's a small event, get here AT LEAST 2 hours early. It is a MADHOUSE both inside and out. Parking spaces are too skinny. Hallways are too small to accommodate much at all

    Love the events here and I am glad that the Kings are here to stay! :)
  • sam duarte

    Love the Kings!"
  • Glenn Spillman

    Try the gourmet pretzels
  • Tara

    The gift shop don't open till after doors open for Arena so don't waste time tryin to go before the game............. GO KINGS!!!!!
  • Tia Woods

    I feel like I live here.... It's definitely March Madness this month for me!
  • Autumn Green

    Holy cow $12 for parking
  • Dan Biedler

    KingsFan Wi-Fi network has a strong signal but almost no throughput. #bringyourownhotspot
  • Flo Griffin

    Don't buy concessions until the Maloofs have been bought out. No need to give them any more of your money after they've been so horrible to our city! Arrive early to get good parking.
  • Jose D Contreras

    @Kings game!!

    Give yourself extra time for parking and security checkpoints.
  • William Jantzen

    Turn on the AC, it's frickin hot in here! Cheap ass maloffs.
  • Adrian Jones

    $10 for a beer is not gangster.
  • Karla Fung

    Ear plugs are only a dollar at the stand. Just buy them. You'll be a lot happier.
  • William Jantzen

    This arena is always too hot. Yes, I am usually in the upper section, but open a door. It's 40 or 50 degrees outside. Let some air in.
  • Joseph Marturano

    Eat before coming to an event!

    Floor Seats are only worth it if its GAGA
  • Janell R.

    Trans Siberian Orchestra!
  • Brian McDonald

    High class crappy buffet and private bar. GO kings. Blah. Terd venue like terd Kings