24 Hour Fitness

Address: 1020 7th Street
Phone: (916) 658-1626
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Category: Gym / Fitness Center
Check Ins: 22610


  • Tyler Thurston

    Somebody tell the old naked chinese dude not to do jumping jacks in front of the lockerroom mirror...not cool
  • Leeann Zarzynski

    The steam room feels so good after a workout! All of the old shirtless men are harmless
  • [PSN] Public Safety News

    Great job by 24Hr Fit staff, SacPD and mall security today. A long time locker room burglar was cuffed and stuffed. Click the more for details:
  • Chris DelCarmen

    the best time to come here is in the morning because it's not to busy.
  • Barrett C

    New and improved new equipment .
  • Kathleen

    Please men, stop wearing cologne to the gym.
  • Aravinthan Rangasamy

    The best 24 hour fitness gym in the sacramento area.
  • Tosh Fogamoni

    It's not a competition. PT here are not friendly at all. Just saying.
  • cliffysworld

    Can they play Bravo or vh1 on the screens? Not everyone wants to watch sports or the news.
  • cece

    Latoya's Zumba class is way better than Courtney's Zumba class. Courtney need to take a double shot before the class.. She needs to be hyped up!
  • Timothy Lawson

    This place needs striking and punching bags as well as heavier medicine balls
  • Roshena Duree

    Where the hell is the digital scale? I know the other one is more accurate but I want to record every .1lb I lose.
  • Arturo Lupian

    Basketball court is off the hook!!!
  • Oliver

    No joke. Sign up 1 hour early before most group classes. Also, be ready to wait in line 10-15 min before a class starts to ensure your spot.
  • kW

    Try Q's spin class! It's a great workout & she is awesome!
  • Bryan Aquino

    Please do not wear perfume and excessive make-up while you talk on the cell phone.
  • antoinnae comeaux

    Avoid this place most weekend evenings 5-7pm unless u wanna wait for a machine or hover for a spot in class
  • Erica DeCima

    Feel the BURN!!!
  • Sheridan Low

    Hey give your friends a free 24 day pass! Just come to the membership area and ask for Sheridan!
  • Jimmy Betancourt

    Looks like there's a new sheriff in town ?
  • Shaun Harrison

    Beautiful tattooed tan people everywhere! Awesome chill and relaxed environment for a corporate gym.
  • Tosh Fogamoni

    Too many FISH here.
  • Beto Betancourt

    This gym sucks all these fucks do is stand around and socialize and take up space
  • Tosh Fogamoni

    Perfect time to workout. Gym is eeeeeempty.
  • Tosh Fogamoni

    Be yourself that's it. Bye gurl.
  • Kevin Smith

    much cleaner than the old gym
  • Bryan Aquino

    Watch fitness trainers with their clients, and follow their circuit for free training. lol
  • Belal Abukhdair

    Burn 480 calories in 30mins
  • Belal Abukhdair

    Lolol I'm here everyday just about and I'm still fat! Ok that's on me ! I do eat like an hippopotamus c(:
  • Timothy Lawson

    I'm here at 9:15 AM and it is not too busy with lots of machines open. Great time for morning workout.
  • andrea vines

    This place is HUGE
  • Rick Hawkins

    The new gym is totally awesome!!!
  • Kate Wallace

    Turbo Kick with Jessica at 6pm on Sundays is such a great workout!